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American College of Rheumatology/EULAR remission criteria for rheumatoid arthritis: 2022 revision
Paul Studenic, Daniel Aletaha, Maarten de Wit, Tanja A Stamm, Farideh Alasti, Diane Lacaille, Josef S Smolen, David T Felson

3 January 2023

ASAS-EULAR recommendations for the management of axial spondyloarthritis: 2022 update
Sofia Ramiro, Elena Nikiphorou, Alexandre Sepriano, Augusta Ortolan, Casper Webers, Xenofon Baraliakos, Robert B M Landewé, Filip E Van den Bosch, Boryana Boteva, Ann Bremander, Philippe Carron, Adrian Ciurea, Floris A van Gaalen, Pál Géher, Lianne GenslerSee the full list of authors

3 January 2023

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