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Rheumatoid arthritis

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Loss of balance between protective and pro-inflammatory synovial tissue T-cell polyfunctionality predates clinical onset of rheumatoid arthritis
Achilleas Floudas, Nuno Neto, Carl Orr, Mary Canavan, Phil Gallagher, Conor Hurson, Michael G Monaghan, Sunil Nagpar, Ronan H Mullan, Douglas J Veale, Ursula Fearon

12 January 2022

Splicing machinery is impaired in rheumatoid arthritis, associated with disease activity and modulated by anti-TNF therapy
Alejandro Ibáñez-Costa, Carlos Perez-Sanchez, Alejandra María Patiño-Trives, Maria Luque-Tevar, Pilar Font, Ivan Arias de la Rosa, Cristobal Roman-Rodriguez, Mª Carmen Abalos-Aguilera, Carmen Conde, Antonio Gonzalez, Sergio Pedraza-Arevalo, Mercedes del Rio-Moreno, Ricardo Blazquez-Encinas, Pedro Segui, Jerusalem CalvoSee the full list of authors

4 January 2022

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