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Rheumatoid arthritis

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Pharmacokinetics of oral and subcutaneous methotrexate in red and white blood cells in patients with early rheumatoid arthritis: the methotrexate monitoring trial
Renske CF Hebing, Marry Lin, Maja Bulatovic Calasan, Ittai B Muller, Sohaila Mahmoud, Sandra Heil, Eduard A Struys, Bart JF van den Bemt, Jos WR Twisk, Willem Lems, Michael T Nurmohamed, Gerrit Jansen, Robert de Jonge

21 December 2022

Reducing cardiovascular risk with immunomodulators: a randomised active comparator trial among patients with rheumatoid arthritis
Daniel H Solomon, Jon T Giles, Katherine P Liao, Paul M Ridker, Pamela M Rist, Robert J Glynn, Rachel Broderick, Fengxin Lu, Meredith T Murray, Kathleen Vanni, Leah M Santacroce, Shady Abohashem, Philip M Robson, Zahi Fayad, Venkatesh ManiSee the full list of authors

30 November 2022

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