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Paediatric rheumatology

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Secukinumab in enthesitis-related arthritis and juvenile psoriatic arthritis: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, treatment withdrawal, phase 3 trial
Hermine I Brunner, Ivan Foeldvari, Ekaterina Alexeeva, Nuray Aktay Ayaz, Inmaculada Calvo Penades, Ozgur Kasapcopur, Vyacheslav G Chasnyk, Markus Hufnagel, Zbigniew Żuber, Grant Schulert, Seza Ozen, Adelina Rakhimyanova, Athimalaipet Ramanan, Christiaan Scott, Betul SozeriSee the full list of authors

12 August 2022

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