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Temporal trends in COVID-19 outcomes among patients with systemic autoimmune rheumatic diseases: from the first wave through the initial Omicron wave
Yumeko Kawano, Naomi J Patel, Xiaosong Wang, Claire E Cook, Kathleen MM Vanni, Emily N Kowalski, Emily P Banasiak, Grace Qian, Michael DiIorio, Tiffany Y-T Hsu, Michael E Weinblatt, Derrick J Todd, Zachary S Wallace, Jeffrey A Sparks

9 August 2022

Immunogenicity induced by two and three doses of the BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine in patients with autoimmune inflammatory rheumatic diseases and immunocompetent controls: a longitudinal multicentre study
Victoria Furer, Tali Eviatar, Tal Freund, Hagit Peleg, Daphna Paran, David Levartovsky, Ilana Kaufman, Adi Broyde, Ofir Elalouf, Ari Polachek, Joy Feld, Amir Haddad, Tal Gazitt, Muna Elias, Nizar HigaziSee the full list of authors

22 July 2022

Increment of immunogenicity after third dose of a homologous inactivated SARS-CoV-2 vaccine in a large population of patients with autoimmune rheumatic diseases
Nádia Emi Aikawa, Leonard de Vinci Kanda Kupa, Ana Cristina Medeiros-Ribeiro, Carla Goncalves Schahin Saad, Emily Figueiredo Neves Yuki, Sandra Gofinet Pasoto, Priscila Tagliaferro Rojo, Rosa Maria Rodrigues Pereira, Samuel Katsuyuki Shinjo, Percival Degrava Sampaio-Barros, Danieli Castro Oliveira Andrade, Ari Stiel Radu Halpern, Ricardo Fuller, Fernando Henrique Carlos Souza, Lissiane Karine Noronha GuedesSee the full list of authors

11 March 2022

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