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Autoinflammatory disorders

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Distinct immune-effector and metabolic profile of CD8 T cells in patients with autoimmune polyarthritis induced by therapy with immune checkpoint inhibitors
Karolina Benesova, Franziska Viktoria Kraus, Rui A Carvalho, Holger Lorenz, Christian H Hörth, Janine Günther, Karel D Klika, Jürgen Graf, Leonore Diekmann, Timo Schank, Petros Christopoulos, Jessica C Hassel, Hanns-Martin Lorenz, Margarida Souto-Carneiro

3 August 2022

Gain-of-function mutations in ALPK1 cause an NF-κB-mediated autoinflammatory disease: functional assessment, clinical phenotyping and disease course of patients with ROSAH syndrome
Christina Torres Kozycki, Shilpa Kodati, Laryssa Huryn, Hongying Wang, Blake M Warner, Priyam Jani, Dima Hammoud, Mones S Abu-Asab, Yingyos Jittayasothorn, Mary J Mattapallil, Wanxia Li Tsai, Ehsan Ullah, Ping Zhou, Xiaoying Tian, Ariane SoldatosSee the full list of authors

22 July 2022

Severity of COVID-19 and survival in patients with rheumatic and inflammatory diseases: data from the French RMD COVID-19 cohort of 694 patients
FAI 2 R /SFR/SNFMI/SOFREMIP/CRI/IMIDIATE consortium and contributors, Florence Aeschlimann, Nassim Ait-Abdallah, Jean-David Albert, Didier Alcais, Yannick Allanore, Blanca Amador-Borreiro, Zahir Amoura, Emma Andre, Jean-Benoît Arlet, Laurent Arnaud, Denis Arniaud, Herliette Arty-Hue, Lucie Atlan, Christine Audoin-PajotSee the full list of authors

2 December 2020

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