Table 3

Articles reporting on added value of PRP involvement in research for PRPs, for researchers and for the research

Added value for:Percentage of articlesNumber of articles (N=53)
PRPsBetter knowledge of disease308
Better knowledge of research195
Acquisition of practical skills154
AllTotal: 5127
ResearchersBetter understanding of research priorities and needs197
Increased motivation and focus93
Gain of novel perspectives and ideas93
Real-life implication of their work94
Attaining a more holistic view of patients with RMD93
Better use of lay language62
AllTotal: 158
ResearchEnhancement of the relevance of research507
Improve the impact of the research213
Bring experiential knowledge to research213
AllTotal: 2614
  • PRP, patient research partner; RMD, rheumatic musculoskeletal disease.