Table 5

Potential roles of a PRP coordinator

CompetenciesRoles of PRP coordinator
  • Enable effective communication among patients, researchers and other stakeholders while maintaining neutrality

  • Clarify diverse perspectives, strengths and weaknesses

  • Ensure equal and impartial participation

  • Foster positive social relations between PRPs and researchers

  • Monitor and evaluate PRP strategies

Project coordination and expectation alignment
  • Mediate discussions to align expectations across all parties

  • Ensure clarity on roles and expectations

  • Organise logistics around PRP involvement

  • Assist at any stage of the research regarding PRP involvement

Facilitate research discussions
  • Moderate (small) group discussions effectively

  • Encourage deeper discussions through probing questions

Continuity and education
  • Provide on-demand patient engagement education

  • Maintain training and support continuity for PRPs and researchers

Selection of PRP
  • Select and invite PRPs for project participation

  • Assist in PRP group development

  • PRP, patient research partner.