Table 4

Male reproductive endocrine axis

Pre-exposure (n=20)
Post-exposure (n=18)
Healthy controls (n=25)MTX chronic‡ (n=5)P value
Testosterone (nmol/L) median (IQR)14.6 (11.3–16.2)13.4 (12.0–15.6)14.1 (12.8–16.7)16.3 (16.3–17.1)NS
SHBG (nmol/L) median (IQR)26.6 (22.6–34.6)28.8 (22.5–34.6)32.6 (25.7–41.9)35.4 (34.1–38.7)NS
LH (U/L) median (IQR)3.1 (2.3–3.9)2.7 (2.2–3.2)2.9 (2.2–3.4)4.10 (4.0–4.1)NS
FSH (U/L) median (IQR)4.6 (3.5–5.3)4.2 (3.2–5.0)3.7 (3.0–4.5)4.1 (4.0–4.1)NS
Inhibin B (ng/L) median (IQR)132.5 (101.5–179.5)123.0 (116.0–179.0)189.0 (170.0–236.0)92.2 (87.0–203.0)* p=<0.001
  • *Statistically significant difference between pre-exposure and healthy controls.

  • †Statistically significant difference between post-exposure and healthy controls.

  • ‡Presented only for descriptive purposes, no statistical analyses were conducted.

  • FSH, follicle stimulating hormone; LH, luteinising hormone; MTX, methotrexate; SHBG, sex hormone binding globulin.