Table 2

Genome wide significant associations with erosive hand osteoarthritis

VariantChr:positionEA/NEAFreq%Closest geneVAP valueOR
rs170134954:87 885 460T/C59.6SPP1/MEPEIntergenic8.40E-141.40 (1.28, 1.53)
rs112432846:8 945 086C/T28.9Intergenic4.20E-111.35 (1.23, 1.48)
rs180080112:14 885 854T/C37.2MGP5'UTR3.60E-131.37 (1.26, 1.49)
rs1163112715:57 977 811C/G57.6ALDH1A2Intron7.10E-181.46 (1.34, 1.59)
  • Results are shown from the meta-analysis of the Icelandic, Dutch, Spanish, UK and US sets. Results for individual sample sets are shown in online supplemental table S1. Chr is chromosome, Pos is the position in build GRCh38, EA designate the effect allele (EA) and NEA the other allele (non effect allele). Freq. is the allelic frequency of the effect allele. Gene refers to the nearest gene and VA is variant annotation. 5'UTR is the 5 prime untranslated region. P values are two sided and derived from a likelihood ratio test.