Table 3

Association of the four EHOA variants with other osteoarthritis in the GO consortium meta-analysis

Finger OA (N=10 804 
cases/255 814 controls)
Thumb OA (N=10 536 
cases/236 919 controls)
Hip OA (N=36 520 
cases/317 590 controls)
Knee OA (N=63 498 
cases/335 777 controls)
Spine OA (N=28 731 
cases/307 798 controls)
Variant (allele)Chr:positionORP valueORP valueORP valueORP valueORP value
rs17013495(T)chr4:87 885 4601.082.3E-05*1.057.9E-03*0.990.161.000.581.010.32
rs11243284(C)chr6:8 945 0861.101.3E-06*1.000.851.000.841.000.590.990.25
rs1800801(T)chr12:14 885 8541.168.6E-16*1.062.5E-04*0.975.5E-030.982.3E-03*1.010.27
rs11631127(C)chr15:57 977 8111.093.7E-07*1.101.3E-08*1.020.0790.971.3E-06*1.000.64
  • Results are shown for OA subsets phenotypes in the Genetics of Osteoarthritis Consortium meta-analysis.12 Chr is chromosome, Pos is the position in build GRCh38.

  • *Denotes significant associations after correction for multiple testing.

  • EHOA, erosive hand osteoarthritis; GO, genetics of osteoarthritis; OA, osteoarthritis.