Table 1

Characteristics and outcome of 11 patients with polyarteritis nodosa treated with tocilizumab

NoAge (years)SexDisease duration (months)Treatments before TCZCRP (mg/dL)The reason for TCZDose/frequencyConcomitant treatmentObservation (months)PSL at last visit
111F43GC, AZA, MMF, TAC, CyA, IvIg, ETN, IFX, ADAElevatedR8 mg/kg IV every 2 weeksPSL, MMF7Off
223M38GC, CYC, MTX, RTX, ANA, IvIg29.1R8 mg/kg IV every 4 weeksPSL 80 mg/day374 mg/day
324MNAGC, CYC, IvIg29.8R8 mg/kg IV every 4 weeksmPSL 250 mg IV115 mg/day
463FNAGC17.4P162 mg SC every weekPSL 50 mg/day65 mg/day
570FNAGC, MTX9.3R8 mg/kg IV every 4 weeksmPSL 500 mg IV135 mg/day
667M6GC, CYC2.03R162 mg SC every weekPSL 16 mg/day, MTX154 mg/day
739F120GC, CYC, MTX, MMF, IFX5.9–12.6R8 mg/kg IV every 4 weeksPSL 50 mg/day125 mg/day
852F96GC, CYC, MTX, AZA, dapsoneNot mentionedR8 mg/kg IV every 4 weeksPSL 35 mg/day125 mg/day
935M3GC, IvIg39.3R8 mg/kg IV every 4 weeksPSL 60 mg/day10Off
1033MNAGC, CYC16.9R8 mg/kg IV every 4 weeksPSL 4 mg/day50Off
113M9None21.9P10 mg/kg IV every 4 weeksPSL 1 mg/kg/day, CYC7Tapered
  • ADA, adalimumab; ANA, anakinra; AZA, azathioprine; CRP, C reactive protein; CyA, cyclosporine A; CYC, cyclophosphamide; ETN, etanercept; GC, glucocorticoid; IFX, infliximab; IV, intravenous; IvIg, intravenous immunoglobulin; MMF, mycophenolate mofetil; MTX, methotrexate; NA, not assessed; P, primary induction; PSL, prednisolone; R, refractory/relapsing; RTX, rituximab; SC, subcutaneous; TAC, tacrolimus; TCZ, tocilizumab.