Table 2

Identified barriers to telehealth and suggested interventions to overcome them

FactorsIdentified barriersSuggested interventions
Patient factorsPatient reluctance30 45 47 51 62
Varying digital and health literacy skills46 47 51 53
Lack of access to necessary equipment46 54
  • Integration of digital support into routine patient education

  • Assessment of the patient’s health literacy before referral to telehealth care

  • Assessment of the patient’s digital skills before referral to telehealth care

  • Assessment of access to required equipment before referral to telehealth

Clinical factorsNo possibility of face-to-face clinical and instrumental examination45 47 49 63
Disease burden, medical and psychological comorbidity45 62
  • Assessment before referral: Will telehealth provide all necessary information needed to make a clinical decision?

  • Assessment before referral: Will telehealth be safe for this patient?

Healthcare provider factorsLack of training48 49
  • Ensure necessary competencies by providing training on telehealth communication, interaction, legacy and clinical assessment

Organisational factorsLack of data security51 54
Lack of approval for reimbursement from insurance companies44
  • Ensure that the telehealth interventions follow national and local obligations on legacy such as privacy and security requirements

  • Involve payers and administration from the beginning in the development of telehealth interventions