Table 3

Outcome of the intention-to-treat analysis (n=100 in both groups)

InterventionFlaresGroupIntervention visitTotal
Stop medicationPREVENT-JIA8280191
Within 3 monthsPREVENT-JIA41005
After stoppingBiKeR33006
Within 6 monthsPREVENT-JIA1510016
After stoppingBiKeR11114
Within 9 monthsPREVENT-JIA820111
After stoppingBiKeR03003
Within 12 monthsPREVENT-JIA72009
After stoppingBiKeR01102
Total flaresPREVENT-JIA3460141
After stoppingBiKeR482115
Continue medicationPREVENT-JIA18431
Total flaresPREVENT-JIA51118
Under therapyBiKeR23710747
Total flare rate after stopping medicationPREVENT-JIA45% (41/91)
BiKeR60% (15/25)
Total flare rate in all patientsPREVENT-JIA49% (49/100)
BiKeR62% (62/100)
  • BiKeR, Biologika in der Kinderrheumatologie ; JIA, juvenile idiopathic arthritis .