Table 2

Glucocorticoid use after the induction phase in clinical trials*

N (at baseline)†% GC use 12 months% GC use 24 months
COBRA light arm COBRA light8160‡
COBRA light arm COBRA classic8160‡
IMPROVED early remission38724.810.2
IMPROVED arm 18317.34.0
IMPROVED arm 27800
BeSt arm 313143.227.6
CareRA arm COBRA classic987.8
CareRA arm COBRA slim984.5
CareRA arm COBRA avant garde934.7
CareRA arm COBRA slim (low risk)435.3
  • *Data reported per treatment arm of the four included clinical trials which have data on GC use after the induction phase published. Reported here: percentages use over time (no discontinuation rates were reported, except for COBRA light at 12 months). For tapering protocols see table 1.

  • †number of patients shown at baseline, at which treatment was initiated.

  • ‡COBRA light only reported an approximation of the percentage of patients who could taper prednisone to zero in week 26 and 39, which we recalculated to a percentage of patients still using GC for comparison with the other trials.

  • GC, glucocorticoids; N, number.