Table 1.

The association between radiographic spinal progression (mSASSS change score) and NSAID intake in patients with axSpA in multivariable longitudinal GEE

All axSpA β (95% CI)* (n=461)nr-axSpA β (95% CI)*(n=244)r-axSpA β (95% CI)* (n=217)
NSAID intake score, per 10 points-0.04 (-0.09, 0.00)-0.02 (-0.06, 0.02)-0.07 (-0.13, 0.00)
NSAID type§
 NS inhibitors vs No NSAID0.30(-0.07, 0.66)0.25(-0.07, 0.57)0.26(-0.40, 0.92)
 COX2i vs No NSAID0.17(-0.19, 0.54)0.15(-0.15, 0.46)0.18(-0.49, 0.85)
 COX2i vs NS inhibitors-0.12(-0.37, 0.12)-0.10(-0.28, 0.09)-0.08(-0.57, 0.40)
Analysis stratified according to NSAID type
Non-selective NSAID intake score, per 10 points-0.06(-0.12, 0.00)-0.04(-0.09, 0.01)-0.07(-0.17, 0.03)
COX2 selective NSAID intake score, per 10 points-0.06(-0.13, 0.02)-0.03(-0.07, 0.02)-0.09(-0.18, 0.01)
  • axSpA: axial spondyloarthritis; COX2i, cyclooxygenase-2 selective inhibitors; n, number of current 2-year radiographic intervals in multivariable analyses; NS, non-selective COXi; NSAID, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

  • *All multivariable models were adjusted for sex, symptom duration at the beginning of the interval, time-averaged ASDAS the interval, classification as radiographic axSpA, smoking in the interval, mSASSS at the beginning of theinterval, and TNFi use in the interval.

  • §NSAID intake score was added in this model.