Table 2

Overview of studies identified by the systematic literature review investigating different procedural protocols for imaging guided interventions in patients with rheumatic and musculoskeletal disease

InterventionComparatorResults for intervention
Intra-articular injections in sacroiliitis and ACJ arthritis8 18 19 PeriarticularSuperior for short-term,19 and long-term pain18
Shoulder joint injections in adhesive capsulitis46 47 SASD bursaSuperior for short-term,47 and long-term pain.46 47 Mixed results for efficacy
Subscapularis muscle injection in scapular pain48 Scapulothoracic bursaNo difference in safety and efficacy
Medial access for knee injections in OA49 50 Midlateral/superolateral accessNo difference in safety and accuracy
US in-plane injection in knee OA51 US out-of-planeNo difference in accuracy, adverse events or procedural time
Bone biopsy in suspected osteomyelitis52 Paravertebral soft tissueNo difference in tissue acquisition
Intra-tendon sheath injection in trigger fingers53 54 Extra tendon sheathNo difference in safety and efficacy
Intra-epineurium injections in CTS29 Extra-epineuriumSuperior for symptom severity and efficacy
Ulnar access for injection in CTS55 56 Midline/radial accessInferior for long-term pain reduction compared with radial access55
Injection above the median nerve in CTS57 Injection under the median nerveNo difference in safety and efficacy
  • ACJ, acromioclavicular joint; CTS, carpal tunnel syndrome; OA, osteoarthritis; SASD, subacromial/subdeltoid; US, ultrasound.