Table 4

Weighting of the health dimensions according to their perceived impact by the patients participating in the cross-sectional cohort study (n=472)

DimensionWeight mean (SD)Rank mean (SD)Top rankedUpper 25%Bottom 25%Lowest ranked
Raynaud20.9 (18.9)7.8 (2.6)39.065.928.016.7
Fatigue12.9 (10.6)7.6 (2.0)23.758.525.618.2
Hand function12.1 (10.4)7.3 (2.3)19.555.936.221.2
Pain10.4 (8.7)7.0 (2.3)16.746.042.223.5
Upper.GI symptoms8.0 (8.2)6.4 (2.4)12.337.350.636.0
Life choices7.9 (8.2)6.6 (2.3)12.135.852.137.9
Lower GI symptoms7.6 (9.1)6.2 (2.5)11.43656.142.8
Body mobility7.0 (6.7)6.4 (2.3)8.138.654.039.2
Dyspnoea6.8 (8.8)6.1 (2.4)9.333.764.446.2
Digital ulcers5.9 (9.8)5.6 (3.0)
  • Column ‘weight’ gives the mean (SD) of the weight given to each dimension, column “Rank” gives the mean (SD) ranking of each dimension according to the patient distributed weights. The remaining four columns give the percentage of times the dimension was ranked as most important (top ranked), the percentage of times it was ranked as least important (lowest ranked), as well as in the upper and lower quartiles of importance.

  • GI, gastrointestinal.;