Table 1

EULAR-endorsed overarching principles for comparative effectiveness research with observational data in rheumatology, with levels of agreement

LoA, mean (SD)% votes ≥8/10
A. Treatment effectiveness relates to how well a treatment performs in routine clinical settings9.7 (1.0)94
B. Observational data have several limitations, including confounding and missing data9.7 (0.8)94
C. Robust and transparent epidemiological and statistical methods increase the trustworthiness of the results from observational data9.8 (0.4)100
  • Numbers in the column ‘LoA’ indicate the mean and SD (in parentheses) of the LoA, as the mean agreement of the task force members on a 0–10 scale.

  • EULAR, European Alliance of Associations for Rheumatology; LoA, level of agreement.