Table 1

Demographic, clinical and immunological features of patients who had flare of stable MC vasculitis bona fide caused by vaccination against SARS-CoV-2

PatientAge (years)/sexMC typeSVR (months)Last active symptoms and RTX before vaccination (months)VaccineSymptoms after first doseSymptoms after second doseCryocrit, %SARS-CoV-2 Antibody titre (Binding Antibody Units;/mL)
170/maleEMCN/AP (40)N/TAstraZenecaDiffuse P (day 3)Second dose refused16N/A
241/femaleEMCN/AP (20)20PfizerNoneDiffuse P (day 1)00900
376/femaleEMCN/AP (27)N/TPfizerNoneDiffuse P (day 5)002961
457/femaleHCV-MC67PN (42)N/TPfizerNoneModerate P, PN (day 10)TracesTraces694
566/femaleHCV-MC62P, PN (48)N/TPfizerNoneModerate P, PN (day 7)Traces03115
663/femaleHCV-MC30P, PN (26)N/TPfizerNoneModerate P (day 7)0102430
  • EMC, essential mixed cryoglobulinaemia; HCV-MC, hepatitis C virus-related mixed cryoglobulinaemia; MC, mixed cryoglobulinaemia; N/A, not applicable; N/T, never treated; P, purpura; PN, peripheral neuropathy; RTX, rituximab therapy; SVR, sustained virological response after antiviral therapy.