Table 3

Analysis of covariance: effect of dichotomised age at diagnosis of IA (based on our study groups) on total number of children per man (excluding men who were voluntary childless) and considering the total number of children of men diagnosed ≥41 years as our reference group

Crude (n=507)Adjusted* (n=501)
B (95% CI)P valueB (95% CI)P value
31–40 years−0.279 (−0.501 to −0.058)0.013−0.205 (−0.434 to 0.022)0.078
≤30 years−0.474 (−0.702 to −0.246)0.000−0.352 (−0.550 to −0.113)0.004
  • *Adjusted for confounders (age at inclusion in the study, education level, cardiovascular disease, diagnosis of infertility in partner and diagnosis of RA, JIA and SpA).

  • IA, inflammatory arthritis; JIA, juvenile idiopathic arthritis; RA, rheumatoid arthritis; SpA, spondyloarthritis.