Table 5

Multivariable analysis of PRO measures as predictors of treatment failure

OR95% CIP value
SF-36 PCS (per 10-point decrease)
 All patients1.81.2 to 2.60.0023
 TCZ/PDN group1.81.1 to 2.90.023
 PBO/PDN group1.60.9 to 2.80.15
FACIT-Fatigue scale (per 10-point decrease)
 All patients1.61.2 to 2.20.00081
 TCZ/PDN group1.81.2 to 2.60.0028
 PBO/PDN group1.30.8 to 2.10.27
PtGA (per 10-point increase)
 All patients1.21.0 to 1.30.028
 TCZ/PDN group1.31.1 to 1.50.0078
 PBO/PDN group1.00.8 to 1.20.99
SF-36 MCS (per 10-point decrease)
 All patients1.31.0 to 1.70.040
 TCZ/PDN group1.31.0 to 1.80.090
 PBO/PDN group1.20.8 to 1.90.42
EQ-5D score (per 0.1-point decrease)
 All patients1.21.0 to 1.40.063
 TCZ/PDN group1.21.0 to 1.50.038
 PBO/PDN group1.00.8 to 1.30.85
  • Each model included a single PRO and the following predictor variables: duration of disease at baseline, prednisone dose at baseline, new-onset vs relapsing disease at baseline, sex, PMR symptoms at GCA diagnosis, jaw claudication at GCA diagnosis and (for analysis of all patients) PBO/PDN vs TCZ/PDN treatment.

  • EQ-5D, EuroQol-5D; FACIT-Fatigue, Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy-Fatigue scale; GCA, giant cell arteritis; MCS, Mental Component Summary; PBO/PDN, placebo+prednisone; PCS, physical component summary; PMR, polymyalgia rheumatica; PRO, patient-reported outcome; PtGA, Patient Global Assessment of Disease Activity; SF-36, 36-Item Short Form Survey; TCZ/PDN, tocilizumab+prednisone.