Table 4

Research agenda

Unpaid work participationHow can unpaid work participation as an outcome domain be defined?
Which measurement instruments are valid to assess the domain unpaid work (in IA)?
Contextual factorsHow to measure contextual factor domains relevant for work participation?
What is the operational definition of a ‘key’ contextual factor
(eg, if it has proven to behave consistently as:
(a) Relevant effect modifier of interventions in work outcome studies, or (b) Consistently relevant covariate of work outcomes
in observational studies.)?
To what extent are contextual factors specific to certain setting
(eg, specific for a certain outcome are a certain intervention)?
Interdependence and integration of the work outcome domainsHow to deal with interdependence or competition between work participation outcomes (work status, absenteeism and presenteeism)?
Can we redesign work outcome measurement that integrates work disability, absenteeism and presenteeism?
Analyses of skewed dataWhat is the comparative accuracy of methods to deal with different types of skewed or zero-inflated data?
Decent work and healthy workplacesWhat is a healthy work and what is a healthy workplace?
How can we measure it?
What are the health effects of not taking sick leave and not adjusting productivity while at work (presenteeism)?
  • IA, inflammatory arthritis.