Table 1

COVID-19 infection, suspicion and symptoms among patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (n=225)

VariableCategoriesN (Percent)VariableCategoriesN (Percent)
DyspneaNo212 (94.2)COVID-19 infection confirmed or suspect by medical teamNo207 (92.0)
Yes13 (5.8)Yes18 (8.0)
Chest painNo214 (95.1)Positive nasopharyngeal PCRNo220 (97.8)
Yes11 (4.9)Yes5 (2.2)
RhinorrheaNo200 (88.9)Admission to emergency department (without hospitalization) for COVID-19 symptomsNo218 (96.9)
Yes25 (11.1)Yes7 (3.1)
Pharyngeal painNo205 (91.1)Hospitalization for COVID-19 symptomsNo223 (99.1)
Yes20 (8.9)Yes2 (0.9)
CoughNo203 (90.2)Suspicion of COVID-19 in ambulatory medicineNo211 (93.8)
Yes22 (9.8)Yes14 (6.2)
DiarrheaNo201 (89.3)
Yes24 (10.7)
HeadacheNo191 (84.9)AgeusiaNo211 (93.8)
Yes34 (15.1)Yes14 (6.2)
MyalgiaNo209 (92.9)AnosmiaNo211 (93.8)
Yes16 (7.1)Yes14 (6.2)
FeverNo214 (95.1)Ageusia or anosmiaNo208 (92.4)
Yes11 (4.9)Yes17 (7.6)
VomitingNo220 (97.8)Ageusia and anosmiaNo214 (95.1)
Yes5 (2.2)Yes11 (4.9)