Table 1

Demographic data, clinical characteristics and treatment of the patients with confirmed and clinical COVID-19

Patient 1Patient 2Patient 3
DiagnosisBehçet’s diseaseRheumatoid arthritisAnkylosin spondylitis
Age, years406065
ComorbiditiesHypertensionHypertension Hashimoto’s disease
Disease status at last visitRemissionRemissionRemission
Diagnosis of the disease in years8124
Use of corticosteroidsNoNoNo
Biological therapy: anti-TNFInfliximabInfliximabGolimumab
Date of the last infusion of anti-TNF03/16/202003/24/202003/31/2020
Symptom onset date—COVID-1903/17/202004/31/202004/17/2020
Time interval between infusion and symptom onset in days13817
RT-PCR COVID-19 (data)03/24/202005/11/202004/22/2020
Therapy instituted during treatmentSymptomatic medicationsAzithromycinSymptomatic medications
Symptoms (duration of symptoms in days)
 FeverNoYes (1)No
 Maximum temperature37.238.536.5
 Non-productive coughNoYes (4)Yes (10)
 Sputum productionNoNoNo
 RhinorrheaYes (1)NoNo
 Nasal congestionYes (1)Yes (2)Yes (8)
 Sore throatNoNoYes (2)
 AnorexiaYes (2)NoNo
 FatigueYes (4)NoYes (12)
 MyalgiaNoYes (2)Yes (5)
 AnosmiaYes (9)NoYes (7)
 DysgeusiaYes (4)NoYes (8)
 HeadacheYes (2)Yes (2)Yes (2)
 DiarrhoeaNoNoYes (2)
 NauseaYes (3)NoNo
Chest X-ray or CT scanNot doneNot doneNot done