Table 5

Treatment and outcomes of paediatric patients

Type of RMDAge/genderComorbidities including BMIRMD treatmentOutpatient management (Y/N)COVID-19 treatmentCOVID outcomeOther commentsSARS-CoV-2 PCR/serology
Pt 1Autoimmune bullous dermatosis4/FAsthma/17IgIV, RITUY: increase of IgIV dosage0BenignPCR+
Pt 2Non-systemic JIA17/MNone/NANSAID, MTX, ADAY: stop NSAID, MTX and ADA0BenignND
Pt 3Non-systemic JIA7/FNone/14MTX, ADAY: stop ADA and MTX0BenignRelapse of the JIA, recurrent herpes labialisND
Pt 4Non-systemic JIA14/MNone/18N0BenignHerpes zoster recurrenceND
Pt 5FMF17/FNone/21ColchicineN0BenignSerology+
Pt 6FMF16/MNone/23Colchicine, ADAN0ModeratePCR+
Pt 7Systemic–onset JIA16/FSmoking/22TOCIY: stop TOCI0BenignAnaemiaPCR+
Pt 8SLE17/FSmoking; obesity/45HydroxychloroquineN0BenignJoint relapsePCR+
Pt 9Sarcoidosis and uveitis13/FNone/20Prednisone
20 mg/day
N0BenignRelapse of orbital painPCR+
Pt 10Non-systemic JIA16/MNone/22NSAID, MTX, ETAY: stop NSAID0BenignPCR−
Pt 11Non-systemic JIA12/MNone/23N0BenignND
Pt 12Non-systemic JIA11/MNone/16ETAN0BenignND
Pt 13Cryopyrinopathy9/MNone/21N0BenignND
  • ADA, adalimumab; BMI, body mass index; DMARD, disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drug; ETA, etanercept; FMF, familial Mediterranean fever; IgIV, immunoglobulin intravenous; JIA, juvenile idiopathic arthritis; MTX, methotrexate; NA, not applicable; ND, not detected; NSAID, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug; RITU, rituximab; RMD, rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases; SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus; TOCI, tocilizumab.