Table 6

Serious adverse events in patients with pSS by treatment

Serious adverse eventTocilizumab
Between W0 and W2414 (25.5%)6 (10.9%)
Type of serious adverse event
 Prolonged hospitalisation for headache and nausea1
 Infectious parotitis11
 Sjögren’s flare with purpura1
 Wrist fracture1
 CPK increase1
 MALT lymphoma1
 Nodal marginal zone B-cell lymphoma1
 Sinus tachycardia1
 Cotunnius disease1
 Normal pregnancy1
 Sjögren flare with arthralgia1
 Abdominal pain1
 Cutaneous lupus erythematosus flare1
 Hepatic cytolysis1
 Epiretinal membrane1
Between W24 and W481 (1.8%)5 (9.1%)
Type of serious adverse event
 Pneumopathy and hemoptysis1
 Retinal detachment1
 Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma1
 Chest pain1
 Ulnar nerve transposition1
 MALT lymphoma1
Total events15 (27.3%)11 (20.0%)
  • Data are number unless specified.

  • CPK, creatine phosphokinase; MALT, mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue; pSS, primary Sjögren syndrome.