Table 1

Clinical characteristics of SLE subjects with confirmed COVID-19

AgeGenderRaceCOVID-19 Dx methodCOVID-19 symptomsAdmissionTx for COVID-19Clinical manifestations of SLE/other autoimmune diseaseSerologiesSLE medicationsOther comorbidities
149FCRT-PCRCoughNoHCQ, ZincLN, pleuritis, anaemia, lymphopenia, SSANA, anti-dsDNA, anti-Smith, anti-RNP, ACA, hypocomplementemiaAzathioprine, prednisone (5 mg/day)Obese (BMI 40)
248FHRapid antigenSOB, diarrhoeaYesOxygen, convalescent plasma, azithromycinLN, neuropsychiatric lupus, APLSANA, anti-dsDNA, anti-SSA, ACA, hypocomplementemiaPrednisone (10 mg/day), coumadin, rituximab infusion on 2/2020Overweight (BMI 26)
340FHRT-PCRCough, fever, SOB, chest painYesOxygenArthritis, malar rash, pleuritis, alopecia, APLSANA, anti-dsDNA, anti-RNP, anti-Smith, anti-SSA, LA, ACA, anti-B2GP1, hypocomplementemiaPrednisone (6 mg/day), azathioprine, HCQ, coumadinObese (BMI 32)
449FAART-PCRFever, chills, coughNoSupportive careArthritis, alopecia, LN, anaemia, leucopenia, thrombocytopeniaANA, anti-dsDNA, anti-RNP, anti-Smith, anti-SSA, anti-SSB, ACA, hypocomplementemiaPrednisone (7.5 mg/day), rivaroxaban (not APLS), MMF, HCQObese (BMI 42)
556FCRapid antigenHeadacheNoSupportive careMalar rash, photosensitivity, alopecia, LN, thrombocytopeniaANA, anti-SSA, hypocomplementemiaPrednisone (5 mg/day), azathioprine, HCQNone
649FHRT-PCRFever, chills, headaches, vomiting, diarrhoea, loss of smell, sore throat, coughNoSupportive careArthritis, alopecia, photosensitivity, ITPANA, anti-dsDNA, LAHCQObese (BMI 30)
748FHAntibodyFever, cough, fatigue, myalgias, nasal congestionNoSupportive careMalar rash, photosensitivity, alopecia, Raynaud’s, arthritis, neuropsychiatric lupusANA, anti-dsDNA, anti-smith, anti-RNP, anti-SSA, anti-chromatin, hypocomplementemiaMMF, HCQDyslipidaemia, HTN, DVT, PE, obese (BMI 35), ILD
848FHRT-PCRCough, SOB, URI symptomsYesOxygen, steroids, convalescent plasmaArthritis, Raynaud’s, photosensitivity, alopecia, oral ulcers, malar rash, SSANA, anti-dsDNA, anti-SSA, anti-B2GP1, hypocomplementemiaPrednisone (5 mg/day), HCQOverweight (BMI 28)
948FHN/AFever, cough, fatigue,NoSupportive careArthritis, lymphopenia, LNANA, anti-dsDNA, anti-RNP, anti-Smith, anti-SSA, anti-SSB, LA, ACA, anti-B2GP1, hypocomplementemiaPrednisone (20 mg/day), HCQ, MMF, belimumabNone
1026FHRT-PCRLoss of taste and smellNoSupportive careMalar rash, alopecia, arthritis, photosensitivityANA, anti-dsDNA, anti-RNP, anti-Smith, anti-SSA, LA, ACA, hypocomplementemiaPrednisone (5 mg/day), HCQNone
  • Shaded subjects had anti-interferon α autoantibodies.

  • AA, African-America; ACA, anti-cardiolipin antibody; ANA, anti-nuclear antibody; anti-B2GP1, anti-beta2 glycoprotein; anti-dsDNA, anti-double stranded DNA; anti-RNP, anti-ribonucleoprotein; anti-SSA, anti–Sjögren’s-syndrome-related antigen A; anti-SSB, anti–Sjögren’s-syndrome-related antigen B; APLS, anti-phospholipid syndrome; BMI, Body mass index; C, Caucasian; DVT, deep vein thrombosis; F, female; H, Hispanic; HCQ, hydroxychloroquine; HTN, hypertension; ILD, interstitial lung disease; ITP, Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura; LA, lupus anticoagulant; LN, lupus nephritis; MMF, mycophenolate mofetil; N/A, not available; PE, pulmonary embolism; SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus; SOB, shortness of breath; SS, Sjögren’s syndrome; URI, upper respiratory infection.