Table 1

Categorisation of individuals at high-risk of fragility fracture

OsteopeniaT score =<-1.0 to −2.5 SD
OsteoporosisT score =≤−2.5 SD
FRAX 10-year probability of a major* osteoporotic fracture≥20% (age independent)
FRAX 10-year probability of hip fracture≥3% (age independent)
FRAX NOGG threshold40 to 90 years (age dependent)
  • Note: T score, unit of SD from the mean for bone mineral density compared with a healthy young adult; FRAX, Fracture Risk Assessment Tool; NOGG, National Osteoporosis Guideline Group.

  • FRAX intervention thresholds vary between countries.

  • *A clinical spine, hip, forearm or humerus fracture.