Table 3

Laboratory parameters in the cohort of patients with COVID-19

Normal rangeAllClinical consensusORP value
No Storm Storm
Albumin3.2–4.6 g/dL2.9±0.62.9±0.62.7±0.50.637 0.001
ALT16–61 U/L45±4643±3758±861.254 0.04
Anion gap6–16 mmol/L7.6±3.07.8±3.07±3.10.734 0.04
AST15–37 U/L54±9250±8082±1451.249 0.028
BUN:creatinine ratio10–20 ratio18.9±8.318.5±821±101.295 0.03
Chloride101–111 mmol/L104±5104±5106±51.316 0.032
CRP0–0.4 mg/dL7.2±6.46.9±6.49.1±6.11.341 0.016
D-dimers0–500 ng/mL3,227±11,3062,396±7,8518,817±23,3561.41 0.002
LDH84–246 U/L323±169305±153447±2121.892 <0.001
Lymphocytes Abs1–4.8 K/mm3 1.23±2.161.28±2.300.86±0.410.058 <0.001
Lymphocytes (%)20%–40%18±1019±1112±70.389 <0.001
Neutrophil Abs1.8–7.8 K/mm3 6±3.65.8±3.67.23±3.51.4 0.004
Potassium3.5–5.2 mmol/L4.09±0.54.07±0.514.23±0.591.392 0.019
Troponin I0.045–0.1 ng/mL0.23±2.290.1±0.381.07±6.12.727 0.045
  • Average and SD of the laboratory parameters collected up to the 24 hours within reaching the clinical consensus of CS or in the first 7 days of hospitalisation in patients with COVID-19 who never reached the clinical consensus of CS. ORs and p values were calculated by logistic regression. Normal range of values is shown for our laboratory as reference.

  • Abs, absolute numbers; ALT, alanine aminotransferase; AST, aspartate aminotransferase; BUN, blood urea nitrogen; CRP, C reactive protein; CS, cytokine storm; LDH, lactate dehydrogenase.