Table 2

Gene-set analyses of SLE-associated genes and involved pathways

Set nameGenes testedNo of SNVs all/common/rareFDRALL FDRCOMMON FDRRARE
Interferon (ref 21)334204/849/28660.00180.660.65
Interferonopathy (ref 22,23)112034/463/12710.00284.1E-070.24
SLE GWAS (ref 3,4)8818790/5326/114651.5E-122.0E-150.18
Monogenic SLE (ref 24)243745/930/23712.9E-072.9E-110.020
  • All: including all MAFs; Common: MAF >0.05; Rare: MAF <0.01.

  • *The complement part of KEGG pathway hsa04610.

  • FDR, false discovery rate; GWAS, genome-wide association study; KEGG, kyoto encyclopedia of genes and genomes; MAF, minor allele frequency; SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus; SNV, single-nucleotide variant.