Table 1

Paediatric rheumatology patients treated with biologic or targeted synthetic disease modifying antirheumatic drugs (n=173)

CharacteristicsNumber of patients, n (%) or mean±SD
Gender, female81 (47)
Current age, years13.3±4.6
Age at disease onset, years5.2±3.9
Disease duration, months13.3±4.6
Underlying rheumatic disease
 FMF69 (39.8)
 JIA68 (39.3)
 Monogenic vasculitis9 (5.2)
 CAPS8 (4.6)
 Primary systemic vasculitis7 (4)
 CRMO6 (3.4)
 HIDS/MKD3 (1.7)
 Systemic scleroderma3 (1.7)
Biologic/targeted synthetic DMARDs grouped due to mechanism of action
 Anti-IL-186 (49.7)
 Anti-TNF61 (35.2)
 Anti-IL-614 (8)
 Anti-JAK8 (4.6)
 Anti-CD202 (1.2)
 Anti-IL-17A2 (1.2)
 Use of concomitant csDMARD therapy36 (20)
 URTI symptoms31 (18)
 Tested for COVID-19 with RT-PCR14 (8)
 Positive RT-PCR for COVID-190 (0)
 Hospitalisation3 (1.7)
 Need for oxygen supply0 (0)
  • CAPS, cryopyrin associated periodic syndrome; COVID-19, coronavirus disease 2019; CRMO, chronic recurrent multifocal osteitis; csDMARD, conventional synthetic disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs; FMF, familial Mediterranean fever; HIDS/MKD, hyperimmunoglobulin D syndrome/mevalonate kinase deficiency; IL, interleukin; JAK, Janus kinase; JIA, juvenile idiopathic arthritis; RT-PCR, reverse transcriptase PCR; TNF, tumour necrosis factor; URTI, upper respiratory tract infection.