Table 3

Correlation of baseline SPARCC scores and the presence of sacroiliitis on baseline MRI with clinical data

Baseline SPARCCSacroiliitis on baseline MRI
MeanP valueYes (n, %)P value
Back pain0.360.72
 Yes11.66/11 (55)
 No5.615/24 (63)
First pregnancy0.561.00
 Yes8.311/18 (61)
 No6.710/17 (59)
 Yes7.212/22 (55)
 No8.29/13 (69)
Epidural anaesthesia 0.050 0.22
 Yes5.211/22 (50)
 No11.510/13 (77)
Newborn’s sex0.120.24
 Male5.88/17 (47)
 Female9.213/18 (72)
RhoP valueYesNoP value
Subject’s age (years)0.160.4129.9*29.3*0.61
Duration of labour (hours)−0.46 0.005 8.4*12.6* 0.02
Newborn’s weight (g)−0.020.913391*3266*0.69
 Length (cm)0.120.5050.2*49.9*0.54
 Head circumference (cm)−0.050.8034.3*34.0*0.94
  • Significant correlations are shown in bold.

  • *Mean values.

  • SPARCC, Spondyloarthritis Research Consortium of Canada.