Table 1.

Cohort description

Control group (n=40)OA group (n=40)
Women (%)32 (80%)30 (75%)
  • Out of 7 proteins analyzed, only NOTUM showed a significant difference between healthy and OA groups (MedianOA=0.4451ng/mL, MedianCONTROL=0.8263ng/mL, p=0.0013). Besides, GPC4 showed an approaching formal significance (MedianOA=0.1254ng/mL, MedianCONTROL=0.1596ng/mL, p=0.0767). The rest of Glypicans analyzed showed no significance differences between groups (GPC1, MedianOA=0.1346ng/mL, MedianCONTROL=0.1190ng/mL, p=0.2379; GPC2, MedianOA=2.593ng/mL, MedianCONTROL=2.955ng/mL, p=0.7489; GPC3, MedianOA=2.024ng/mL, MedianCONTROL=1.422ng/mL, p=0.3574; GPC5, MedianOA=3.663ng/mL, MedianCONTROL=5.529ng/mL, p=0.8829; GPC6, MedianOA=0.3922ng/mL, MedianCONTROL=0.3558ng/mL, p=0.3212).