Lead author and yearStudy designPopulationIntervention (imatinib dose given daily)Results
Hinchcliff ME. 2016Case study1 female (F) with an 8-month history of diffuse cutaneous systemic sclerosis (dcSSc)400mgSevere adverse events (AEs)
Pope J. 2014Early phase proof of concept trial10 with dcSSc.9 given 400mg, 1 placeboPoor drug tolerability
Prey S. 2012Double blind RCT28 with SSc15 given 400mg, 13 placeboNo improvement
Khanna D. 2011Phase I/IIa pilot trial20 with SScUp to 600mgAEs present
Pope J. 2011Double blind RCT10 with SSc.9 given 400mg, 1 placeboNo improvement, AEs present
Gordon J. 2014Open label, single arm, extension phase clinical trial17 with average disease duration of 3.5 years100-400mg↓ modified Rodnan skin score (mRSS)
Fraticelli P. 2014Phase II pilot trial30 with SSc200mg↑ lung function
Guo L. 2012Case series6 F, Chinese pts with SSc200mg↓ mRSS and ↑ lung function
Divekar AA. 2011Single centre, open-label study15 with SSc100mg up to 600mg/day↑ lung function
Spiera RF. 20111-year, phase IIa, single-arm, open-label clinical trial30 with dcSSc400mg↓ mRSS and ↑ lung function
Freyhaus H. 2009Case report58yo F400mg↑ lung function
Chung L. 2009Case report2 with early dcSSc200mg↓ mRSS and ↑ lung function
Van Daele PL. 2008Case report69yo F400mg↓ mRSS and ↑ lung function
P. P. Sfikakis. 2008Case report24yo F400mg↓ mRSS and ↑ lung function