Table 2.

Regression analysis between sociodemographic and clinical variables in relation to diagnostic delay

VariableUnivariable linear regressionMultivariable stepwise linear regression
B95% CIB95% CI
Age at symptoms onset-0.289-0.316, -0.262-0.321-0.390, -0.253
Female gender2.0991.442, 2.755NANA
Employed, Manual worker-0.604-1.953, 0.746NANA
Educational status, University-0.343-0.986, 0.299NANA
Diagnosed by rheumatologist, Yes2.1171.321, 2.913NANA
Number of HCPs seen before diagnosis1.7231.486, 1.9601.2580.739, 1.776
HLA-B27, Positive-0.471-1.347, 0.404NANA
Uveitis (ever), Yes0.463-0.392, 1.319NANA
IBD (ever), Yes0.123-0.971, 1.217NANA