Table 1.

Results of the covariance analysis (ANCOVA)-adjusted mean values and 95%-confidence intervals for primary and secondary outcomes at W52, as well as a p-value for group comparison

OutcomeAdj. Mean HCQ95%-CI HCQAdj. Mean PBO95%-CI PBOP-value HCQ x PBO
AUSCAN Function48.14353.351.346.6560.36
AUSCAN Pain26.723.929.426.523.929.10.92
tender joint6.
swollen joint21.
ESR (mm/h)<0.01
Phys. Global3.
Pat. Global4.
SF36 mental48.846.65150.848.752.80.22
SF36 physical39.83841.639.938.241.60.95
Morning Stiffness (min)30.22436.316.310.322.30.001
Modif. Kallmann Score53.652.155.152.851.454.20.24
  • The associated BL value or, if available, a mean value from BL and screening was included in the ANCOVA model as a covariate.