Table 4

Major efficacy outcomes of head-to-head studies comparing JAK inhibitors to adalimumab

StudyStudy designRisk of biasTreatmentNPrimary endpointP valueACR20 (%)ACR 50 (%)ACR 70 (%)DAS28 <2.6 (%)CDAI ≤2.8 (%)ACR/EULAR Boolean rem. (%)ΔHAQΔmTSS
Taylor/Keystone 2017 (RA-BEAM)101 102 SLowPlacebo +MTX488ACR 20 (%) at week 12BARI versus PLC:<0.001;
BARI versus ADA <0.01
BARI 4 mg+MTX4877045192487−0.660.41*
ADA 40 mg Q2W+MTX3306135131975−0.560.33*
Fleischmann 2017/Strand EULAR 2018 (ORAL-Strategy)103 104 NILowADA 40 mg Q2W+MTX386ACR 50 (%) at week 24Reference71442128139−0.54NR
TOFA 5 mg two times per day+PLC3840.05165381821107−0.52NR
TOFA 5 mg two times per day+MTX376<0.00173462531148−0.58NR
Fleischmann ACR 2018 (SELECT-COMPARE)105 106 SLowPlacebo +MTX651ACR 20 (%)+DAS28-CRP<2.6 at week 12UPA versus PLC:<0.001 / <0.001;
UPA versus ADA:<0.05/<0.001
ADA 40 mg Q2W+MTX3276329141884−0.490.1†
UPA 15 mg OD +MTX65171452529139.8−0.60.24†
  • Results of secondary efficacy outcomes are shown at the time point of the primary endpoint.

  • *Week 24.

  • †Week 26.

  • ADA, adalimumab; BARI, baricitinib; CRP, C-reactive protein; DAS28, Disease Activity Score of 28 joints; EULAR, European League against Rheumatism; HAQ, Health Assessment Questionnaire; JAK, Janus kinase; mTSS, modified total Sharp Score; MTX, methotrexate; MTX, methotrexate; NI, non-inferiority; NR, not reported; OD, once daily; PLC, placebo; S, superiority; TOFA, tofacitinib; UPA, upadacitinib.