Table 1

Clinical and demographic data of the study participants

negRA (n=49)PsA (n=73)P value
Female:Male39:1029:44<0.0001 (χ2)
Age (minimum–maximum in years)64.2 (32–83)56.2 (30–78)0.003
Disease duration (minimum–maximum in years)11.6 (1–41)9.0 (0–24)0.042
DAS28-CRP (minimum-maximum)2.6 (0–6.2)2.3 (0.96–4.09) 0.093
% active (DAS28 >3.2)30.6%28.8%
% remission (DAS28 <2.6)55.1%57.5%
CRP (±SD) (mg/L)5.7±7.46.7±13.8 0.642
Rheumatoid factor positiveNoneNone
Anti-CCP positiveNoneNone
MTX (±SD) (mg)*13.2±4.814.1±3.2 0.368
% from total patients44.9%50.7% 0.531 (χ2 )
Glucocorticoid (±SD) (mg)6.2±5.05.6±3.5 0.651
% from total patients38.8%34.2% 0.610 (χ2 )
Leflunomide (±SD) (mg)15.8±4.713.6±4.5 0.266
% from total24.5%15.1% 0.192 (χ2 )
On immunotherapy13350.018 (χ2)
  • p-values above 0.05 are indicated in italic.

  • *The average dosage of each medication (MTX, glucocorticoid and leflunomide) was calculated only for the patients taking that medication. The p-values bove 0.05 are indicated in italic.

  • anti-CCP, anticyclic citrullinated peptide antibodies; CRP, C reactive protein; CTLA, cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated protein 4 inhibitor; DAS28, disease activity score; IL, interleukin; JAK, janus kinase inhibitor; MTX, methotrexate; nd, not determined; TNF, anti-tumor necrosis alpha.