Table 4

Cox proportional hazards model: multivariable analysis to evaluate factors associated with arthritis persistence

HR95% CIP value*
TJC33*0.880.62 to 1.260.50
MD global assessment0.960.87 to 1.050.33
CDAI1.030.89 to 1.190.69
Duration ICI therapy (months)0.820.73 to 0.92 0.001
Combo versus monotherapy0.060.01 to 0.50 0.009
irAEs (0, 1, 2 or more)1.050.44 to 2.520.90
Melanoma0.410.10 to 1.780.24
Tumour response
(CR/PR vs SD/PD)
1.510.34 to 6.630.59
  • Bold values indicate p-values less than 0.05.

  • *The outcome of interest was resolution of IA. Therefore, HRs <1 denote factors that associate with persistence of IA.

  • CDAI, Clinical Disease Activity Index; CR/PR, complete response and partial response; IA, inflammatory arthritis; ICI, immune checkpoint inhibitor; irAEs, immune-related adverse events; SD/PD, stable disease and progressive disease; TJC, tender joint count.