Table 2

Multilevel model (patients, level-1, nested in clinicians, level-2) of associations between the level of SDM and characteristics of the clinician, patient and consultation

FactorBSE95% CIP value
Clinician age−0.340.2−0.74 to 0.050.09
Patient age−0.110.09−0.28 to 0.060.2
Consultation duration0.630.240.16 to 1.110.01
Type of treatment decision
 Continuing medicationReference
 Stopping and/or starting medication14.34.435.62 to 22.98<0.01
 Adjusting medication doses8.362.273.92 to 12.81<0.01
 Administering single-dose glucocorticoids15.033.019.12 to 20.93<0.01
  • b, unstandardised coefficient; SDM, shared decision making.