Table 1

Overarching principles for vaccination in adult patients with AIIRD

Overarching principlesLevel of Agreement (%)
1.The vaccination status and indications for further vaccination in patients with AIIRD should be assessed yearly by the rheumatology team.100%
2.The individualised vaccination programme should be explained to the patient by the rheumatology team, providing a basis for shared decision-making, and be jointly implemented by the primary care physician, the rheumatology team and the patient.94%
3.Vaccination in patients with AIIRD should preferably be administered during quiescent disease.94%
4.Vaccines should preferably be administered prior to planned immunosuppression, in particular B cell depleting therapy.100%
5.Non-live vaccines can be administered to patients with AIIRD also while treated with systemic glucocorticoids and DMARDs.100%
6.Live-attenuated vaccines may be considered with caution in patients with AIIRD.53%
  • AIIRD, autoimmune inflammatory rheumatic diseases; DMARDs, disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs.