Table 1

Summary statistics for the genome-wide significant association of single nucleotide polymorphisms with adult-onset Still's disease

SNPNearby gene(s)ChrPosition (hg19)Risk/non-risk alleleStage*RAF in casesRAF in controlsORSEP valuesP_het
rs9268791 HLA-DRA|HLA-DRB5 632 421 073T/CMeta2.3630.0964.10E−190.686
rs3094178 HLA-G 629 818 000C/GMeta2.1390.1351.97E−080.806
  • *The discovery data set comprises 247 cases and 2163 controls from northern and central China. The replication data set comprises 17 cases and 257 controls from southern China.

  • Chr, chromosome;P_het, p value for heterogeneity test across different cohorts using Cochran's Q test; RAF, frequency of risk allele;SNP, single nucleotide polymorphism.