Table 2

Clinical characteristics and results of the patients performed immunohistochemistry

Patient IDS3S10Lip32Lip73Lip90S20Lip24Lip28Lip45Lip47Lip48
DiseasesSS, MCTDpSSpSSsSS, SScpSSpSSpSSpSSnon-SSnon-SSnon-SS
ANA titre>1:25601:6401:6401:25601:3201:12801:640<1:40<1:401:401:80
ANA types, ch, dh, d, ndh, cssh, sh, s
Serum anti-SSA52/60 antibody++++
Serum anti-SSB antibody+++
Serum anti-CENP-B antibody+++++
Serum rheumatoid factor+++NA++NA
Greenspan grade33444343221
MedicationPSL 10 mg/dayNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
Tissue ASCs
Anti-GFP antibody*
Anti-MIS12C antibody*+++++++++++++++
Anti-CBX5 antibody*±±
Anti-CENP-A antibody*±±+++±±±
Anti-CENP-B antibody*±±±+
Anti-CENP-C antibody*+++++++++++++
  • *Slides were examined at a magnification of ×200. -, undetectable; ±, one cell in multiple fields, +, 1–3 cells in one field; ++, 4–8 cells in one field; +++, >8 cells in one field.

  • c, cytosol; d, discrete-speckled; h, homogeneous; MCTD, mixed connective tissue disease; n, nucleolar; NA, not assessed; PSL, prednisolone; pSS, primary Sjögren's syndrome; s, speckled; SS, Sjögren's syndrome; sSS, secondary Sjögren's syndrome.