Table 4

Probability (%) of disease worsening for combinations of predictors in study population (n=706)

Other risk factors*AgePatient numbers†
60 years65 years70 years
Lung fibrosis37.540.443.3131/666
Lung fibrosis and CRP elevation52.055.057.947/650
Active DU30.933.536.1126/697
Lung fibrosis and active DU49.752.655.631/662
Muscle weakness30.933.536.2164/701
Lung fibrosis, muscle weakness and active DU61.864.667.316/660
Lung fibrosis, muscle weakness,
CRP elevation and active DU
  • *Predictors not specified in each row are set to zero.

  • †Patient numbers irrespective of age that fulfil the criteria within the whole study population.

  • CRP, C-reactive protein; DU, digital ulcer.