Table 1

Baseline demographics and clinical characteristics of the study patients by treatment arm

Golimumab+MTX (N=26)Placebo+MTX (N=25)
Age, years47.5 (11.8)45.8 (11.0)
Gender (male:female)18:820:5
Disease duration arthritis, years0.5 (0.5–1.8)0.5 (0.4–3.0)
Disease duration skin, years6.0 (1–20)11 (4–19)
Prior use of csDMARD (leflunomide)10
Concomitant use of topical psoriasis treatment613
Concomitant use of fumaric acid (N)12
Concomitant use of sulfasalazine (N)01
Concomitant NSAID use at baseline (N)1617
Concomitant corticosteroid use at baseline (N)00
DAS CRP2.3 (1.03)2.46 (0.87)
Swollen joint count (median (IQR))7 (4–8.25)5 (4–9.5)
Tender joint count (median (IQR))9.5 (4–15.25)10 (5.5–17)
PASI score (median (IQR))1.6 (0.32–3.3)2.3 (0.3–6.8)
No of patients with baseline PASI >2.51010
No of patients with enthesitis47
No of patients with dactylitis98
No of patients reporting inflammatory axial symptoms at baseline42
ESR (mm/h)20.5 (6.5–33.3)15.0 (5.0–29)
No of patients with raised ESR (>20 mm/h)1314
CRP (mg/dL)4.5 (1.23–13.3)7.0 (2–15.9)
No of patients with raised CRP (>5 mg/dL)149
VAS patient global (mm)44.7 (24.7)39.3 (23.4)
VAS patient pain (mm)43.5 (24.2)41.3 (28.4)
VAS physician (mm)44.5 (14.5)47 (19.7)
Morning stiffness (min)44 (32.5)42.3 (33.3)
BASDAI41.0 (18.6)41.3 (23.3)
  • Values are mean (SD), N or median (p25, p75).

  • BASDAI, Bath ankylosing spondylitis disease activity index; CRP, C-reactive protein; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; MTX, Methotrexate; NSAID, non steroidal anti inflammatory drug; PASI, psoriasis activity and severity index; VAS, visual analogue scale on a 0-100mm scale.