Table 1

Provisional SLE classification criteria weights determined by a multicriteria decision analysis exercise

Clinical domains and criteriaWeight (points)Immunological domains and criteriaWeight (points)
ConstitutionalAntiphospholipid antibodies
Fever13 Anticardiolipin IgG >40 GPL units or anti-β2GP1 IgG >40 units or lupus anticoagulant positive13
HaematologicalComplement proteins
 Leucopaenia12 Low C3 or low C419
 Thrombocytopaenia26 Low C3 and low C427
 Autoimmune haemolysis28SLE-specific antibodies
Neuropsychiatric Anti-dsDNA antibody38
 Delirium12 Anti-Smith antibody40
 Non-scarring alopecia13
 Oral ulcers14
 Subacute cutaneous or discoid lupus*29*
 Acute cutaneous lupus38
 Pleural or pericardial effusion34
 Acute pericarditis38
 Synovitis in ≥2 joints34
 Proteinuria>0.5 g/24 hours27
 Renal biopsy with Class II or V lupus nephritis55
 Renal biopsy with Class III or IV lupus nephritis74
  • *Subacute cutaneous lupus and discoid lupus each received a weight of 29.

  • SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus.