Table 1

Baseline characteristics of patients with SSc and HD

SSc, n=24HD, n=12P value
Gender, female/male23/110/2
Age, years, mean±SEM57.4±2.543±2.70.0013*
Body mass index (kg/m2, mean±SEM)24.1±0.7424.4±0.70.772
CRP (median, 25–75th percentile)2.2 (1.1–6.2)1.7 (1–2.4)0.734
Estimated glomerular filtration rate (mL/min/1.73 m2)92±3.6102±8.30.204
Cardiovascular risk factors (%)
 Arterial hypertension00
Disease characteristics
 Disease duration from diagnosis (years)6.7±0.9
 Early SSc disease <4 years3 (12.5%)
 History of Raynaud’s phenomenon (years)10 (4.2–14.5)
 SSc subclassification: diffuse vs limited (%)9 (37.5) vs 15 (62.5)
 Medsger’s Severity Scale2 (2–3)
 Total Modified Rodnan Skin Score10 (6.25–16.5)
 Digital ulcers (active)29%
 Cochin Hand Function Score39.8±1.8
 SHAQ score1.3±0.07
 Raynaud’s Condition Score5.2±0.5
 Total lung capacity (% of predicted value)93±3
 Forced vital capacity (% of predicted value)99±4
 Alveolar capillary diffusing capacity (% of predicted value)55±3
Autoantibodies (% positive)
 Antinuclear antibodies100
 Antitopoisomerase-1 antibodies (Scl70)30.4
 Anticentromere antibodies27.3
 Anti-RNA polymerase III antibodies30
Systemic sclerosis medications, n, %
 Calcium-channel blockers, ongoing (previous)9, 37.5 (10, 41.7)
 Bosentan, ongoing (previous)6, 25.0 (4, 16.7)
 Prednisone <10 mg/day, ongoing (previous)8, 33.3 (1, 4.2)
 Methotrexate, ongoing (previous)5, 20.8 (1,4.2)
 Iloprost infusion, ongoing (previous)0, 0 (11, 45.8)
  • Data are mean±SEM or median (25–75th percentile range) or n (%) of patients.

  • –, Not applicable in HD.

  • *P<0.05.

  • CRP, C reactive protein; HD, healthy donor; SHAQ, scleroderma health assessment questionnaire; SSc, systemic sclerosis.