Table 2

Phenotypic groups of IgG4-RD (derivation cohort)*

Variables used to identify groups†Group 1
‘Pancreato-Hepato-Biliary’ (%)
Group 2
‘Retroperitoneum and Aorta’ (%)
Group 3
‘Head and Neck-Limited’ (%)
Group 4
‘Mikulicz and Systemic’ (%)
P value
 Extraocular muscle<11134<0.001
 Parotid gland212249<0.001
 Submandibular gland1555077<0.001
 Lacrimal gland336048<0.001
 Lymph node15252967<0.001
 Thoracic aorta11013<0.001
 Abdominal aorta322<113<0.001
Proportion of cohort31242422
Average probability (Mean)93929090
  • *Only cases (n=478) with complete covariate data are included in the latent class analysis with covariates.

  • †All percentages are probabilities that the manifestation occurs in that group, conditional on latent class membership (eg, totals will not equal 100%).

  • IgG4-RD, IgG4-related disease.