cDAPSA LDAMDAPhysician-perceived LDAPatient-perceived LDAPGA>1 to 3
DAPSA LDA0.77 (0.79)0.31 (0.81)0.24 (0.30)0.30 (0.32)0.28 (0.36)
cDAPSA LDA0.23 (0.36)0.24 (0.34)0.25 (0.28)0.33 (0.46)
MDA0.12 (0.28)0.17 (0.22)0.14 (0.38)
Physician-perceived LDA0.17 (0.20)0.06 (0.25)
  • Results are presented as Cohen’s kappa (prevalence-adjusted and bias-adjusted kappa). In cases of discrepancy the prevalence-adjusted bias-adjusted measures should be interpreted.

  • Patient-perceived and physician-perceived statuses are based on the single question for each status.

  • DAPSA, Disease Activity Index for PSoriatic Arthritis; LDA, low disease activity; MDA, minimal disease activity; PGA, patient global assessment; PsA, psoriatic arthritis; REM, remission; VLDA, very low disease activity; cDAPSA, clinical DAPSA.